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Book Cover Mary Magdalene, the woman at the well, Martha of Bethany—all of these people interacted with Jesus while he lived as a man on this earth. This book tells their stories…

* * *

What would it have been like to have received a miracle from Jesus of Nazareth? To have spoken with him, heard his words, or felt his compassion? These five short stories based on bible events explore five unlikely people in the Gospels who were profoundly affected by Jesus—who they may have been, what they may have experienced, and what it may have been like to have looked into the eyes of the one called the Son of God.


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Book Cover In a place on the cusp of eternity, juxtaposed between the physical and the spiritual, a lone Ylf-maid stares achingly into the flat unreality of time, waiting, hoping…

In the crumbling tatters of the world of men, a lone Ylf vies for his salvation. Prisoner to the painful, wrenching memories and dark temptations that haunt his reality, he is longing for something eternally lost to him, waiting, hoping…

Somehow, somewhere… these two lives must be one…

… but at what cost?

* * *

Inquest follows Bequest’s Tangea and Taynan as the Ylf-maid searches for what was lost to her at the fulfillment of the Prophecy. Leaving behind everything she had gained in Shiri-la, Tangea returns to the world of men to find a vastly different face on it, for time has passed in the world where it did not in Shiri-la, and with time comes the changes that it brings with its passing. Twenty years of changes…

Meanwhile, Taynan—banished to remain in the world of men—befriends a human boy. This friendship becomes his anchor against the suffocating sorrow and darkness that threatens to regain its hold on his mind. The boy grows through the years to be a king, and Taynan’s repressed magic suddenly resurfaces as he once more sees through prophetic eyes the demise, not of himself, but of his only friend in this world.

Dark memories drive Taynan to protect his friend. He immerses himself among the sons and daughters of men, there finding that magic in this world is not as dead or unknown as he had thought it was—and neither is it undesirable. And now, as he struggles against the darkness for the light of Ylohym’s magic, he must face the greatest temptation of all…

… all the time unknowing that Tangea draws closer… and following her is a very old and deadly danger…


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Book Cover To pass from one world into another, what does it take? Courage? Determination? Faith? Love?

Tangea had a premonition that something was wrong with her world, and she thoroughly expected to have her unicorn send her the message she had been waiting for: “Now, Tangea. It is our turn”. When it comes, she tells herself she is ready, that she could handle any obstacle that awaits her. When the obstacle comes in the form of Taynan, however, everything changes. Suddenly, she is not so sure of herself. Suddenly, she is questioning her choices, her loyalties, and—worst of all—her faith. And now, she must begin her journey...

* * *

Bequest is an epic fantasy set in a time when history crumbles from the glory of Rome to the scattered chaos of the Dark Ages, a time when the Ylfs, the unicorns, and the rest of the creatures of magic feel their own world splintering and fragmenting, and the last seven unicorns must journey through the world of men and gather at the secret, hidden place where the Angel stands. There, they will work the final spell that will bring all of the creatures of magic to a place where magic still lives.

Since her youth, the Ylf Tangea Ash has been trained to protect Silverwood the unicorn for just this moment and she is certain that she is more than prepared. Then the sorcerer Taynan of the Shadows disrupts all of that. Taynan: the one Ylf who—before tragedy had changed him—had once been her closest friend and greatest love. Desiring a unicorn horn to protect himself against the very spell the unicorns intend to cast, Taynan sets himself against Silverwood. This unexpected turn of events suddenly makes Taynan Tangea's mortal enemy. Shaken and alone with Silverwood in the hostile world of men, Tangea does not feel as prepared for her journey as she had thought. And Taynan will stop at nothing to steal Silverwood’s horn. Nothing—not even the love he and Tangea had once shared. The love that is betraying them both…


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