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Chapter 4 - Perpetrator

"I could not run away it seemed
We'd seen each other in a dream
Seemed like he knew me
He looked right through me..."
--Heart, Magic Man

"Yugi..." A voice he thought he should recognize, but he... couldn't...

Morphing out of the dark in front of him - a kind of black-on-black silhouette...


Through the inky darkness, the voice: coming from the silhouette - but not really...

No face... only eyes... black eyes...

Don't belong... Wrong eyes...

"Yugi... please help me..."

"Leave him alone."

Yugi heard his own voice. Téa's face smeared into focus. She breathed an audible sigh of relief.

"You're awake. Thank God you're okay..."

Téa's voice sounded strained. Yugi pushed himself up on one elbow and winced.

"Did you catch the guy with the wrecking ball?" he asked.

Téa allowed a thin smile. "I guess it can't be too bad if you're making jokes."

"I don't know," Yugi answered, wincing again as he gingerly ran his fingertips across the egg-sized lump rising on the back of his head. "This is gonna smart for awhile..."

Téa's thin smile dissolved into worry. "I can't believe he did that. I don't know what came over him..."

Yugi looked sharply up at Téa, abandoning his bump-examination.

"What, you saw who it was? Who was it?"

Téa didn't seem to hear him.

"I was actually happy to see him," she went on, upset and angry. "I asked him what he was doing here, but he didn't answer. Then the light from that lamp over there sort of fell across his face..."

"Whose face?"

"...and he didn't look right, Yugi! There was something wrong with him. He looked, like... evil, or something. Then I started to get afraid. I yelled at him..."

"Yelled at who?"

"...and he had this big stick, Yugi! And he hit you so hard! I started screaming for the police. Then he just looked at me with this really terrible look in his eyes. I thought he was going to attack me next, but all he did was sort of sneer and run away..."

"Téa!" Yugi shouted, "who was it?"

Téa finally stopped her torrential account of events. Her brilliant blue eyes turned to meet Yugi's, and they were nervous and troubled.

"It was Bakura."

Yugi blinked at her. "What?"

Téa looked evenly at Yugi, her voice shaky, but resolute.

"It was Bakura, Yugi," she repeated. "I'm sure of it."

* * *


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