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Chapter 12 - Interpolation

"And ride with us young bonny lass
With the angels of the night..."
--Jethro Tull, Cold Wind to Valhalla

What, I can move...?

Téa wiggled a finger, then raised her hand.

I can move... she thought again, confused. Why...?

Slowly, she raised her head, then sat up.

Why isn't he stopping me...?

She had been watching with horrified eyes the struggle between Yugi and Bakura. (But, she supposed, it wasn't Yugi and Bakura anymore, was it?) Either way, she had felt like she had been shrink-wrapped to the floor, but when Yugi had once more created his lightening and had thrown Bakura into the wall, suddenly she could move...

Then a flash of memory flew into recall.

The last New Moon, Yugi had flung lightening from his hands. He had banished a Soul Sucker, and then through some magic she didn't understand, brought Cora to life when she should have been dead...

...but when he had looked up at them, he was weak and trembling. He was in terrible pain, and had passed out...

That's it! Téa realized with a jolt. Magic uses power. And whoever-it-is inside Bakura is using power. He's using power to fight Yugi, to hurt Cora, and to keep Bakura under his control...

...and he doesn't have enough power to keep me on the floor, too...

I can escape, she thought, I can escape now... huh?

What did Bakura say?

He had said something. He was standing up now, and Yugi was on the floor. She saw him calling on his magic, and this time she heard the words:

"Sefet Akh!"

The words made her shiver, and she felt a strange energy seem to collect itself in the room. She recoiled, staring all around her, waiting for something terrible to happen, and hating this force that was turning Bakura, who had always been so sweet, into this... this...

Her thoughts ground to a halt as she saw a green glow suddenly shimmering over Cora - a glow that turned into a ghostly sword...

Téa's insides froze. She didn't understand a lot about what was happening here, but she knew one thing: that Cora and Yami were linked. And Yami and Yugi were linked...

He's trying to hurt Yugi through Cora...

As the realization struck her, Téa's reaction was instantaneous. Without thought, without reservation, Téa leaped up off of the floor, and for the second time, dove through the air and flung herself over Cora just as the ghost sword came swinging downward.

The pain was like nothing she had ever experienced. It felt as though someone had jammed a syringe full of liquid nitrogen into her shoulder. The sword made no visible wound, but she could see it penetrate her, and the pain and the cold shook her to her heart.

This is it, she thought vaguely as her nerves numbed over and everything began to grey out, I'm dying...

* * *


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