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Here is the place in this website where you can read some of my work. You will find some fanfictions that I wrote for my daughter, among other things...


This little story is sort of a 'deleted scene', if you will. It was a chapter I had written (and really liked), but sadly could not find a place for it in the flow of the book. I left it out, but in case any of you were wondering what happened to the band of Goblins that Zarian left in the forest, you can find out here...

The Stable Boy

Curious about the history between Sir Sedgemore and Sir Trystan? Well, I based it on this little story, which was my first (and only) romance. I’m not really a romance writer (although I usually have a romantic element in my stories). Uncharacteristically, however, I had this idea for a story that was strictly romance, so—what the heck—I penned it. Enjoy, and get a bit of backstory at the same time.

BTW, you’ll have to make some historical concessions with this one. I realize that jousting tournaments did not become a “thing” until, oh, I guess medieval times rather than the Dark Ages—but let’s just go Sir Thomas Mallory here and say that it was...

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Queen of Hearts - Part I

This is the first Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction I wrote for my daughter one year when we were camping and ran out of Harry Potter. At the time, she had a real interest in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series on television, and I was kind of getting into it myself, and came up with this idea. It was pretty well-received at, and I found that people were very accepting about the flagrant liberties I took with the characters :)

Queen of Hearts - Part II

This is a continuation of the same story -- pretty much gives the backstory idea for the Queen of Hearts

Shadow Reign

I wrote this when my daughter bemoaned the fact that I never included her favourite character, Bakura (or Ryou in the manga), in my fanfictions. It is by far the lengthiest of the stories. So much so, in fact, that I broke it into chapters (eighteen of them). After this, I'd about had it with spending so much of what little writing time I had writing Kazuki Takahashi’s characters, and decided to focus on my own :)

...I must say, however, that writing and posting these stories gave me some of the most valuable experience I have had with respect to writing in general...


This is a little story I wrote to enter in a local newspaper's Christmas Story writing contest; it came in second second.gif - 502 Bytes