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Double-Dragon E-booksDouble-Dragon E-books—my publisher—check them out for some great books (including mine!)
Digital Blasphemy Free 3d WallpapersThat beautiful, magical forest on my 'home' page is his work; Looking for wallpaper? you've got to see his stuff—he's one of the best!
AAA Buttons - Free buttons !! Need Buttons? Well, these guys got buttons; lots of free website buttons, plus a real cool feature that lets you put text on the buttons online before you save them; website designers, take a look at these...
House of RagEMy husband's site, for all you case-modders out there; also for any photography buffs—amazing macro photography!
Dictionary.comOne of my favourite sites: a dictionary AND a thesaurus just a click away!
Latin DictionaryLooking for cool magic words? Or are you just interested in etymology? Well, for most European languages, Latin is the place to start!
Fictionpress.comGreat writing practice, and a good place for feedback; or, if you prefer fanfiction, their sister site
Arjen Anthony Lucassen's AyreonThe beauty of music is that it can tell a story without words, and if the right words are added, it can only increase its magic. Two of my favourite things are a good story, and good music; this artist has put the two together in his "Ayreon" project: exciting stories and great music combined in the true bardic fashion (if bards were into progressive rock); but this kind of creativity can't be put into one box. Check out Arjen Anthony Lucassen's many fascinating musical projects, including (my favourite) Ayreon!