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Hello, and welcome!

If you are here, then you must want to know a bit more about the author (me ).

I am a communications technician with a telephone company by day, but I'm also a full-time, 24/7 mom to one lovely girl. My husband is also a communications technician, but he works in two-way radio. He is also quite the photographer, and you can link to his site here. I live in Timmins, Ontario, Canada with both husband and daughter, as well as a big white cat and two rats.

Writing has been something I have always loved. I love both writing, and reading the writing of others. Among my favourite stories as a child were the tales of Hans Christian Anderson and Oscar Wilde, and the books I read were... well, anything with horses in it. Walter Farley's Black Stallion series was my absolute favourite, but I also read the Lad books, and a few Nancy Drews, among other things... many, many other things—far too many to list here.

In High School, my reading began to bend towards Fantasy, beginning with Gillian Bradshaw's Hawk of May trilogy, which also started a deep passion for the King Arthur legends. I began writing little short stories of my own more frequently in High School and College. It was only after the birth of my daughter many years later, however, that I thought: hey, you've always wanted to write a book and you never did it. Why not start now...?

That book was Bequest. It was my first completed novel.

Besides writing, I love music, and I also enjoy drawing. Any new developments on the writing front will be posted in my "news" section...

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Lisa Ann McLean

Photo by A. Dale McLean © 2008

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